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October 28, 2006

Kelowna: The British Columbia Conservative held its 2006 Annual General Meeting at the Best Western Inn in Kelowna last weekend.

Party Leader Wilf Hanni stated that it was an excellent meeting with many positive results for the Party.

The Party elected a new Board of Directors, including:
• President: Shirley Abraham of North Vancouver
• Vice President: Bob Eedy of Kamloops
• Secretary: Alan Clarke of Kelowna
• Treasurer: Garry Rieger of Kelowna
• Directors: Patrick Burke of Fernie, John Hallam of Hixon, Sharon Israelson of Armstrong, Del Israelson of Armstrong, Miles Lehn of Vernon, Wayne McGrath of Vernon, Grant Mitton of Dawson Creek, Gill Picard of Abbotsford, Art Robatzek of Vernon, John Weintraub of Vancouver, and Kevin Wendland of Lumby.

Ryan Warawa remains on the board as Past President. Bob Eedy, Alan Clarke, and Garry Rieger all served as Directors last year. Wayne McGrath and Sharon Israelson served as Vice President and Treasurer respectively last year. Shirley Abraham, John Hallam, Miles Lehn, Grant Mitton and Kevin Wendland are all new to the Board.

A number of new policies were also approved, including:
• Reduction of PST from 7% to 6%
• Current personal income taxes would be replaced by a single flat rate of personal income tax
• Zero based budgeting for provincial expenditures
• Elimination of the BC Property Transfer Tax
• No implementation of tolls on existing highways
• Elections for local police boards
• Direct elections for TransLink Board of Directors
• Elected regional health authorities and hospital boards
• Holding a Spring and Fall sitting of the Legislature each year
• Co-operating with the federal government to amend the federal Constitution to include Property Rights
• Amendment of the Mineral Tenure Act to prohibit unathorized access to private property for mineral exploration
• Regulate the sale of materials used in the production of crystal methamphetamine
• Loss of one’s drivers license for three offences of street racing.

Other measures that were approved were moving the Head Office from Vancouver to Kelowna and a Leader's tour: planned for next spring.

Hanni said that he is very pleased with the composition of the new Board, as well as the new initiatives that have been approved, and expects great things to happen over the next 12 months.

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